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Mystery Illness Diagnosis South Carolina

Mystery Illness Evaluation

Many people have experienced the feeling of knowing something is not right. They may have a confusing cluster of symptoms or even one or two very severe symptoms that can leave general doctors and even some specialists stumped for answers. Often, they suffer for years searching for a diagnosis that seems to just not exist. Many are dismissed by perplexed doctors, stumped specialists, and even friends and family as time passes without any answers. They may even begin to experience self-doubt, but their instincts and their symptoms tell them something is just not right. With no diagnosis or relief in sight, they start to lose hope of returning to their former, healthier selves.

Why is getting a diagnosis so difficult?
• The human body is infinitely complex.
• Much of traditional medicine is focused on treating symptoms, usually with some kind of pharmaceutical, and not finding and fixing the cause of symptoms.
• Many doctors don’t ask about patients’ environmental exposures and lifestyle.
• Specialists are trained to look at patients through the lens of the body systems they treat, and not at the whole person and the whole picture of their health challenges.

Illness and disease can be caused by a combination of genetics, environmental factors, toxin exposure, process malfunction in body systems or cells, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and many other factors. Finding the answers to solve a mystery illness can involve peeling away many different layers and following the smallest clues, much like a detective.

Dr. Thomas uses comprehensive testing and evidence-based medicine to dig out the root causes of mystery illnesses and search for answers that are often buried and incredibly difficult to find. She looks at the whole person and the whole picture to find the tiniest details needed to solve the mystery and help the patient begin the process of restoring their health.