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 Commitment is the cornerstone of any true path to wellness. Dr. Thomas treats a variety of complex conditions from hormone imbalances to the most puzzling mystery illnesses. Testing and digging down to the root cause(s) to determine the best treatment takes time. Undoing months or even years of damage within the body takes time. As a patient, it is vital to be absolutely committed to the process, treatments, and lifestyle changes Dr. Thomas prescribes. Dr. Thomas commits to being there every step of the way to help patients restore their health and wellness as fully as possible.

Compassion is necessary to understand the variety of ways a patient’s life, work, family, and quality of life have been affected by their health. Having experienced her own health journey, Dr. Thomas takes time to understand and document every challenge and symptom a patient is experiencing. She treats every patient with compassion, respect, and empathy.

Evidence is crucial to determining the best treatments. Dr. Thomas uses specialized testing to gather data necessary to make an informed diagnosis. In many cases, a diagnosis is only possible through finding evidence of damage left behind by pathogens and exposures that have since left the body or gone dormant. Evidence is also the basis of the treatments Dr. Thomas prescribes.

Change is difficult. Breaking old patterns and habits is challenging and requires courage and commitment. Modern life exposes us to toxins and chemicals our bodies were never designed to process. We expose ourselves to even more toxins through smoking, poor diet choices, household chemicals, and so much more. For many patients, major changes to lifestyle, patterns, habits, and environment are required to achieve wellness and vitality.

Accountability is key. Dr. Thomas will hold you accountable for the lifestyle changes and treatments she prescribes. More importantly, you, the patient, must take personal responsibility and hold yourself accountable just as much, or even more stringently, than Dr. Thomas does. She will provide the information and educate you about the evidence, treatments, and expectations – and she never asks patients to do anything she has not or would not do herself. Ultimately, the success of treatments and efforts to restore long-term health and wellness rests with the patient.

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Our process includes an initial comprehensive  consultation with Dr. Thomas. A personalized therapy program will be developed for you based on your symptoms and test results. There’s no limit to finding the key to ultimate health with an individualized treatment plan that includes hormone balance, nutritional and fitness programs and lifestyle modification.

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