About Dr. Natasha Thomas

Dr. Natasha Thomas was born and raised in Riga, Latvia.  She received her Medical Degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and completed residency training in Internal Medicine at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

After residency training, Dr. Thomas practiced internal medicine in a hospital based setting.  Seeing patients needlessly suffering from the diseases of “aging” prompted Dr. Thomas to pursue a way to practice wellness care instead of sick care.  After completing a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Thomas is pleased to use her expertise to help patients achieve optimum health.

Dr. Natasha Thomas is board certified in Internal Medicine and board eligible in Integrative Anti-Aging Medicine.

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Our process includes an initial comprehensive  consultation with Dr. Thomas. A personalized therapy program will be developed for you based on your symptoms and test results. There’s no limit to finding the key to ultimate health with an individualized treatment plan that includes hormone balance, nutritional and fitness programs and lifestyle modification.

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