About Dr. Natasha Thomas

Natasha Thomas, M.D. is a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, board-eligible in Integrative Anti-Aging Medicine, and is certified in Shoemaker’s Protocol for treatment of Biotoxin Illness. Dr. Thomas received her Doctor of Medicine Degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 2002. She completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. After relocating to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Dr. Thomas was a staff physician at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center before entering private practice. Once in private practice at en Health Matters, Dr. Thomas expanded her knowledge base with a fellowship in integrative anti-aging medicine and certification in the Shoemaker Protocol. A life-long learner, she continues adding to her considerable knowledge with a fierce determination to help her patients uncover the root cause of illnesses and overcome them to achieve lasting wellness and improved quality of life.

Dr. Natasha Thomas is a dedicated advocate for her patients, many of whom come to her when multiple mainstream doctors and specialists have been unable to determine a diagnosis, trying random treatments while the patient grows sicker with no relief in sight. Her comprehensive approach, time spent learning each patient’s unique history, and deep understanding of both the traditional and the natural side of medicine give her a unique vantage point from which to pursue an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatments that help restore health.

It is through this dedication that Dr. Thomas first learned about biotoxin illness, eventually becoming certified in the Shoemaker Protocol. She noticed more and more patients coming to her with similar lists of unusual symptoms. When the integrative medicine treatments she’d used successfully for patients with other complaints did not resolve these odd new symptoms, she embarked on a quest to find the root cause of what was ailing her clients. Having previously experienced a mystery illness herself, Dr. Thomas understood the frustration of going to specialist after specialist and leaving with no answers. When a colleague suggested she investigate biotoxin illness, what she learned finally opened the doorway to the answers she had been digging for. Using the treatment plan recommended by the Shoemaker Protocol, her patients began to improve step-by-step. Today, Dr. Thomas is the leading expert in biotoxin-related illness in the region and consistently continues her learning on the vectors and patterns of this frequently overlooked illness.

Using multiple disciplines to customize testing and treatment, Dr. Natasha Thomas is committed to helping every patient reach their individual peak of wellness and vitality.

About en Health Matters

At en Health Matters, Dr. Natasha Thomas blends the traditional practice of internal medicine with the innovative approaches of integrative medicine to go beyond the current disease-focused model of health care to a preventative wellness-focused model. The best treatment for any illness is prevention!

Integrative Medicine

The integrative medicine approach requires an equal commitment from the patient [link to What to Expect page here] and the physician as partners in the health and healing process. At en Health Matters, Dr. Thomas works together with patients to create the best possible level of wellness. A few of the many factors that contribute to wellness (or decrease it!) include: nutrition, hormone balance, exercise, genetics/epigenetics, lifestyle choices, exposure to environmental toxins (pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, biotoxins), sleep patterns, and stress. Dr. Thomas looks at the whole person and all aspects that may be contributing to any existing symptoms but also which evidence-based treatments and recommendations will bring that individual person to a state of true health.

An important part of integrative medicine is understanding how the factors listed above disrupt the natural or innate healing ability of the body and allow damage to occur all the way down to the structures inside the body’s cells. Over time, this cell-level damage contributes to disease and aging. Together, we can implement positive changes that prevent additional damage and in many cases, heal and reverse existing damage. The body is designed to heal itself – this is an innate ability we are all born with – integrative and anti-aging medicine uses natural and science-proven treatments to support this innate healing process.

Biotoxin Illness Treatment

Another core focus at en Health Matters is the diagnosis and treatment of biotoxin-related illness [Link to Biotoxin Illness header landing page here]. The humid sub-tropical climate along the coast of the Carolinas and Georgia is ideal for the growth of mold. Frequent and heavy rain, along with tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding contribute to water damage in all different types of buildings. Both a mold-friendly climate and water damaged buildings are risk factors for developing biotoxin illness that are very prevalent in our area. The signs of biotoxin illness can be difficult to spot for mainstream providers, often leaving patients going from doctor to doctor to doctor with no real answers. As a Shoemaker Protocol Certified Physician, Dr. Thomas is specially-trained to identify and treat biotoxin illness.

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